it’s been SO LONG since i have posted anything! this blog has gotten some serious neglect, but i have decided to resurrect it to document some upcoming events…

i am moving!! after five years in this lovely apartment of mine, i have decided it’s time to move on… but i am not going far. a larger apartment in the same building became available, and less than 24 hours […]



ever since i bought the pia wallen cross blanket (at a weirdly insane discount that was probably a mistake – thanks anna!), i’ve wanted a place to display it where my animals won’t be inclined to use it as their new bed, but was also easy to grab if the radiators in my apartment hadn’t yet kicked on for […]



as much as i loved my off-white anji mountain bamboo shag rug i had in my living room, it had seen better days after 2.5 years of being abused by my adorable fur-kids, daily walking, spills, hairballs, etc. it also was very susceptible to matting, since the shag was very thick. even vacuuming it 3 times a week couldn’t keep it looking nice. sigh.



i’d been wanting to enter my home in the apartment therapy small cool contest for a few years now, but always felt like it wasn’t complete or ready enough to compete in a contest. (but lets be honest, is it ever really finished? the short answer is no.) but this year, i felt like finally it had reached the point where i was proud of what i had put together.

so […]



when my parents bought the lakehouse back in 1998, it was a mess. they’ve slowly renovated the entire space, room by room over the years, and it’s turned into quite the cozy retreat. one thing that hasn’t changed much is my bedroom. it’s a tiny room in the front of the house, overlooking the lake. (also, the best view of any bedroom in the house!) after we purchased […]



so, i haven’t given this blog as much love as i should have since i started it. but there are good reasons why! first of all this polar vortex business can just stop. it makes for horrible commutes and has pretty much been forcing me into hermit status where all i want to do is snuggle on the sofa watching bad tv with my pup. on the […]


i’ve put together a list of the top 8 items on my wish list at the moment.

Pretty please! pretty please!

1. arne jacobson cups | 2. eames house bird | 3. marimekko räsymatto bowl + large bowl | 4. fine little day gran pillow cover | 5. george nelson asterisk clock | 6. dansk kobenstyle butter warmer […]


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