i’d been wanting to enter my home in the apartment therapy small cool contest for a few years now, but always felt like it wasn’t complete or ready enough to compete in a contest. (but lets be honest, is it ever really finished? the short answer is no.) but this year, i felt like finally it had reached the point where i was proud of what i had put together.

so i entered.

and waited, and waited, and waited… and finally a week later i was featured! so exciting! 

click here to vote!

click here to vote!

the response has been overwhelmingly positive and everyone has such sweet things to say, thank you! the contest still has a week and a half left, so if you like what you see, click through and please vote!




UPDATE: i didn’t become a finalist this year, but did manage to get the highest number of popular votes in my division, and 3rd in the overall competition! 768!! that’s insane.