as much as i loved my off-white anji mountain bamboo shag rug i had in my living room, it had seen better days after 2.5 years of being abused by my adorable fur-kids, daily walking, spills, hairballs, etc. it also was very susceptible to matting, since the shag was very thick. even vacuuming it 3 times a week couldn’t keep it looking nice. sigh.

blondie matted rug

yeah, you’re cute, pup, but you’re not doing my rug any favors… cue the search!


1. tuscan moroccan shag rug – (rugs usa) this guy has been on my wish list for a while, and i wanted it even more once i saw how beautiful it looked in bri from designlovefest’s living room! it’s so fluffy! and pretty! and i want to squish my toes in it! but i knew one hairball later, it would be ruined. onto the next…

2. dark grey björk rug by lena bergström – (design house stockholm) this is basically my dream rug. the leather edging is beyond beautiful and adds a natural element that i love. it’s also way out of my price range at the moment. crap.

3. vintage overdyed wool turkish rug – (etsy) i love the idea of buying vintage. it’s well made, beautiful, and has history. unfortunately, my cat loves to claw, and i think she would destroy this in seconds. also, again, it’s a bit pricey. what?? i love expensive things!

4. turkish heriz design rug – (esalerugs) i love the play on the vintage turkish rug design, with geometric details and the monochrome color scheme that i wanted. it’s also a very affordable $149 for an 8’x10′.

i knew i didn’t want to invest in a really expensive rug, at least not right now. i’ve seen the damage that my animals can do. i wanted something that was stylish, durable, and stain resistant, which made option 4 the clear winner! yay!

new living room rug

overall, i’m pretty pleased with it. the shipping ripples have since flattened out, and while it’s not the most plush rug, it still brings a bit of softness to the room. and i think pokey-pants likes it.


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