hi there!

i’m amanda, an art director | graphic designer by day, thrift obsessed eames hoarder by night (and sometimes day), with a passion for all things interior design. i live in chicago in a 1920s vintage courtyard-castle.

random facts about me:

1. i am 36 and single.

2. i moved to chicago from grand rapids, michigan in 2006 with no job and $500 to my name. through sheer luck and networking, two days later, i was offered a bartending job at a popular bar near my apartment.

3. i was in the service industry for 15 years before finally landing a full time design position at an online retail company of high end furniture. this job is really what sparked my hoarding habit interest in interior design and my love of mid century modern design.

4. a few years ago, i decided to sell almost everything i owned and started over to make my living space something that truly reflects my personality. last year, my apartment won the tiny division of the 2015 apartment therapy small cool contest. it’s a huge honor to have my hard work recognized in that way.

5. double spaces (or more) in between sentences ANNOY THE CRAP out of me. just please stop.

6. from a young age, i always knew that i wanted to be a graphic designer.

7. when i was a kid, i was more interested in drawing and creating things with legos than any dolls or typical “girl” toys.

8. i never have and never will be a morning person.

9. coffee is pretty much my lifeline. i need it to function.

10. i love to cook. when cooking, i plate whatever i’m eating so it looks pretty. and then my parents and i always send each other photos of what we’re having for dinner. it’s weird, and i love it.

11. i am very frugal when it comes to home decor. i will invest in key pieces, but tend to find the accessories and supporting pieces in places like craigslist, krrb, flea markets, and thrift stores.

12. i don’t like using capital letters in everyday writing unless i have to.

13. i love red wine and whiskey.

14. i haven’t had my natural hair color since i was 14.